​​​​Community Renovation Empowering Women, CREW

Mudgirls, a natural building collective, is a network of women builders on the west coast of BC, Canada that specialize in using local, natural, and recycled materials to create whatever their clients desire. They are experienced in building everything from cob cabins, ovens, and benches to installing natural insulation, earthen floors, and wall plasters in any style of home. Check them out!

Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue was founded by Cynthia Dares in October of 2008. She was a hurricane Katrina survivor and worked with Best Friends Animal Rescue to help rescue thousands of animals that were left behind. There were many animals lost because their owners could not take them with them. Cynthia witnessed many sad stories and also many miracles.

After settling in Tijeras, New Mexico Cynthia bought the perfect place to start an animal sanctuary. We now have been in business for 5 years and have saved over 100 old dogs. Our primary existence is to provide a loving and safe home for the elderly animals that can not be placed in a home. These animals still have a good life left to live and need love and peace at the end of their lives. 

Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue also provides a home for handicapped dogs. Others come to stay because they have behavioral issues and would have been killed. These animals need training and lots of patience to overcome their fears and to learn to trust again.Type your paragraph here.