​​​​Community Renovation Empowering Women, CREW

 CREW Provides:

  • Volunteer leadership and labor
  • Some project materials, either through solicitation of donations or utilization of CREW funds
  • Tools
  • Recommendations for professional services, if needs are beyond the scope of our skill set.
  • Project Management

Contact Denise Wheeler for more information:               
Tel: (505) 343-9307
e-mail to: deniserw@unm.edu

 Your Agency Provides:

  • A safe, clean, and accessible work site
  • Project materials
  • Necessary permits, licenses or inspections
  • Insurance to cover facility, contents, and volunteers
  • Storage for materials and supplies being used for the project, if possible
  • Bathrooms
  • Water
  • On-site power (electricity)


the Project at



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Welcome to CREW

Mission and Goals

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Community Renovation empowering Women (CREW) is a non-profit service organization whose mission is “to build community and improve the status of women and children through building and renovating structures for agencies that primarily serve women and children.”  ​We accomplish this mission by teaching our mostly female volunteers construction skills that build confidence, afford them independence, and provide them opportunities to engage communities through service. 

Project Review

We start potential projects by visiting your site to discuss how well the services we can provide match your project needs.  We can then make recommendations, establish priorities, and work collaboratively with you on a plan.

What We Can Do

The following list is representative of the type of work we’ve done or can do:

Interior renovation
  • Demolition and moving walls, electricity, and plumbing
  • Installing plumbing fixtures
  • Installing cabinets, building shelves and other storage
  • Tiling, painting, and other finish work
  • Install flooring
  • Replace doors and windows

Basic landscaping and building outdoor structures
Basic structural reinforcement

CREW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit service organization and your donations are tax deductible. 100% of all donations go to materials, supplies, and  CREW’s truck insurance.