​​January 2012-November 2013: PB&J Family Services Bernalillo. CREW did an extensive renovation which included: complete overhaul of the main adult bathroom: walls, floor, tiles, plumbing, electricity, toilets, and stalls major remodeling of two children's bathrooms, including the installation of new child-size toilets, sinks, and cabinets, removing a bathtub, and re-doing the walls;converting an old bathroom into a much-needed storage room with customized shelves built by us; re-construction of an existing storage closet painting the babies nap room; fixing the play room's vinyl floorfixing the kitchen cabinets and hinges

Before 2020
Starting in 2020 we have been collaborating with the City of Albuquerque to build these wonderful free libraries. We have just installed our 11th library.  It is sponsored by the tutoring program at the First Unitarian Church, and is placed at a mobile home park where a number of children live.

April 1996-March 1998: Damien House, a group home for 
​women living with AIDS and their children. In conjunction with paid workers and other volunteers CREW contributed to gutting the existing building and replacing it with a four bedroom, two bath accessible adobe home.
October 2008-November 2009: Enlace Comunitario, a social justice organization working with Latina immigrants in Central New Mexico. We renovated their conference room, created a children's playground, landscaped an especially difficult patch of sloping dirt, stenciled the exterior arches that line the entire front of the facility, and built benches for the front porch. 
​​​​​April 2010-October 2011:PB&J Family Services South Valley 

CREW worked with PB&J to transform existing rooms in their facility, many of which were used for storage, into new multi-purpose spaces. 

April 1995-April 1996: The Laguna Pueblo Domestic
Violence Shelter serves women and children. When CREW began renovation the building had been unusable for three years due to flooding. We were able to raise over $13,000 for materials and supplies and re-constructed the house from the foundations up. 
​​​​October 2007-May 2008: Crossroads for Women, a transition program for women were previously incarcerated. We built a shade structure at Maya's House, a residential facility, and renovated their thrift store. 
April 1998-June 2000: Cuidando Los Ninos, dedicated to ending homelessness in the local community. We designed and constructed a large shade structure. 

2017-2018: Santuario de Karuna is a micro animal sanctuary near Tijeras Canyon. Run by Tamara Hubbard and Coral Ricketts, the Sanctuario's slogan is "where all life matters." There are 36 rescued farm animals living on a small hillside in the Manzano mountains.  The primary focus of Santuario de Karuna is educating the public about animal agriculture through living compassionately and humane education as a means towards ending the suffering of farm animals.  Staff live out their commitment to animals by practicing a vegan lifestyle (that is, no forms of meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, or animal byproducts). The Sanctuario hosts educational sessions with visiting school children, making use of a small free-standing workshop.  

January 2001-June 2003: The Laguna Pueblo Early
​Childhood ​Center provides services to children birth through age five, and their families. We designed and constructed a large shade structure, allowing the kids for the first time to play outside in the summer.

Past Projects

February 1999-December 1999: Mujeres en Action, a Women's ​income-generating project that provides services and advocates for immigrant women's rights. We renovated their counseling office.

2014-2016: We built one legged stools for Amy Biehl High School.  The stool had been designed by faculty at the high school.  They are used by students who have a hard time concentrating in class. Sitting on the stools requires a physical concentration allowing for students to “pay attention” in class.  We also had the CREW SUMMER WORKSHOPS  in which members and others learned how to make Jelly Cabinets and Cupboards; Learned all about Drywall installation, repair, and modification, including taping, mudding, installing corner bead and bullnose trim, etc.; 

October 2003-May 2007: Tierra del Sol, Health Care for the ​Homeless was dedicated exclusively to providing services to women with co-occurring addictive and mental health disorders and their children. We renovated the community house at the facility through extensive demolition and structural reinforcement, and renovation of each of the rooms in the house. We also built a small shade structure over the administrative offices.

October 2015 - July 2016:Sunflower Sanctuary is a hospice for 22 aged dogs who otherwise would probably have been euthanized. They are a happy bunch, along with 3 burros and a goat.  We became friends with all of them while working on the project, and one of the dogs was adopted by Judy and Steve. The website address is: http://www.sunflowersanctuary.org
We completed the work on a large one room building that Cynthia, the founder, wanted to make into an indoor grooming station and emergency housing for more dogs, which we accomplished.